Voor rust, ruimte
en ontspanning
in de natuur!

House rules

Dear guests, we would like to draw your attention to the following points;

  1. A maximum of 2 cars may be parked at your holiday home. possibly extra cars must be parked in the parking lot at the beginning of the site. hindrance in emergency situations. Note that the allowed speed is 10 km per hour.
  2. All our apartments are pet-free. Visitors are also not allowed to bring pets.
  3. All apartments are smoke free. Smoking is allowed outside. Always throw cigarettes in an ashtray. Never in the yard, garden or in the surrounding water.
  4. Drug use is not allowed.
  5. Groups under the age of 28 are only allowed in consultation.
  6. When absent in the apartment, turn off the lights, close doors and windows (in winter).
  7. Music is allowed, but think about your neighbors. After 10 pm it is calm and quiet. Outside no music.
  8. Candles cosy, but don’t leave them unattended. Make sure that no damage from the wax or the heat of the candles is visible.
  9. Guests are welcome, but visits must be made known to us in advance. Visitors’ cars must be parked in the parking lot at the entrance to the site. It is not allowed that your (day) visit stays overnight, without our permission and knowledge.
  10. Our homes are exclusively intended for recreational purposes. You may not use our homes other than for which they are intended, i.e. not intended for celebrations & parties, etc., etc. in the broadest sense of the word. Unless otherwise agreed with the owner.
  11. You are obliged to use the bedsheets you have rented. It is not allowed to take bedsheets and other bedding outside.
  12. Indoor furniture should also be kept indoors, please leave chairs etc. inside. The household effects must also remain in the same location in the event of a combination rental.
  13. Canoes can be used freely and for free. You cannot reserve these. After use, put it back on the trailer.
  14. You can use the bicycles for free. These cannot be reserved. Place back in the bicycle shed after use.
  15. Maximum 2 people on the trampoline. The trampoline will go into winter storage after the autumn holidays.
  16. Do not leave trash lying around in the yard.

Please separate waste: Paper, PMD, glass. We do not have a separate organic waste bin. Gft can go with the rest of the waste. If you leave bottles behind, please leave them on the counter in the apartment. PMD should be bagged into the clear plastic trash. These are always present in the accommodation.

  1. It is not allowed to deep-fry in the house.
  2. It is not allowed to bring electrical appliances that require a lot of energy (such as freezers, refrigerators, heaters / sunroof, etc.).
  3. You report damage before departure.
  4. We have a BBQ available for our guests. If it is available you can use it. We do not supply coal. Please put the BBQ back clean.
  5. Hanging streamers by means of adhesive tape, tape, double-sided adhesive tape, nails, thumbtacks, etc. and the use of confetti/crepe paper, etc. is not permitted.
  6. It is not allowed to place 1 or more tents, folding trailers, caravans, etc. in or near the house.


Outdoor music, noisy behavior or any other nuisance will not be tolerated. If the house rules are not observed, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures and to settle any costs arising from this, in whole or in part, via the deposit or with an invoice sent.

Departure information

* Remove bed linen from the beds and put it in the hall. Only one sheet of the mattress, don’t remove all three the sheets from the matrasses.

* Deposit all waste in the available gray containers.

* Leave dishes clean in the cupboard, dishwasher empty.

* Empty the fridge.

*Close windows and doors (especially in winter), shut off all lights.

* Leave the house broom clean.

*Do not leave extra items in the house.

Unfortunately, somtimes it happens that people leave their garbage, full dishes, empty bottles, beds still made, etc. in the house after departure.

This costs the cleaning extra time and therefore money. In order not to confront every guest with an increased cleaning price, we have decided to deduct the extra cleaning costs from the deposit only for those who have not left the house according to our house rules.